It is a revival (hopefully) of an old blog I started a few years ago and that I decided to restart from scratch so that I can share some of my professional interests
and experiences relative to software engineering and scientific application development.

The blog is intented to be an aggregator of resources (news, articles, frameworks and libraries updates, …) I find usefull and interesting.

Among the areas of concerns:

  • Software development
    • Programming Languages: especially but not only, C++ 11/14/17
    • GUI Development: mainly, Qt
    • Web-Development: Node.js, JavaScript, WebAssembly, …
    • UX/UI design
    • (…)
  • Machine-learning (even if the term ML is fuzzy and designate a broad area)
  • Data engineering
    • Data Analysis and visualization
    • (…)
  • Scientific computing
    • Signal processing,
    • Image processing and Computer-vision
    • Statistics
    • Numerical Optimization
    • (…)