Devstram is a blog dedicated to software engineering and scientific applications’ development. It is mainly intended to be an aggregator of resources (frameworks, libraries, articles, links, …) as well as a news feed. The motivation for creating and on-lining such a blog is described in the About me page.

Devstream is meant to sort of a link between various software-engineering aspects (design, coding, programming-languages, building tools, deployment) and their usage for developing domain-specific applications especially (but not exclusively), in scientific domains. 

Here are a few topics covered in this blog:

  • Software development
    • Architecture 
    • Programming Languages:
      • C++ – in-depth XXXXX syntax, evolution (11, 14, 17, 20), …
      • Python, R, JavaScript and others – mainly covering their usage in the industry including libraries and tools
    • Coding: OOP, Design patterns, ….
    • GUI Development (mainly, but not only Qt) and UX/UI design
    • Web-Development: Node.js, React.js, WebAssembly, …
    • Devops and automation: CI/DI, full stack dev, testing frameworks and methodologies
    • (…)
  • Machine-Learning (even if the term Machine-Learning is fuzzy and designate a broad area)
    • Neural-networks: architectures, models, usages
    • Common frameworks and their usage in research and industry (Tensorflow, PyTorch, …)
    • (…)
  • Data engineering
    • Data analysis and visualization
    • Data-Mining
    • (…)
  • Scientific computing
    • Signal processing,
    • Image processing and Computer-vision
    • Statistical
    • Numerical Optimization
    • (…)

This list is far from being exhaustive.

Most of the posts published consists of a curated list of articles and blog posts coming from various authors and sources. Some of them are published here without any change in the contents. However, the author’s name and a link to the original post is given.

Devstream is in it’s beta version and is likely to evolve in the future. Any proposals for improving this blog is welcome. Please feel free to send comments and give feedback.