About me

I am a (C++, Qt) software engineer and holder of a PHD in biomedical engineering.
I particularly love and mainly work with C++ language and Qt framework but do appreciate Python, Node.js, Lua, and many other computers science techs.

I am an interactive sofware enthousist and passionate about the design and development of domain-specific applications, mainly targeting Engineering XXXX, Scientific XXXX, Medical XXXX, Data-Science, and many others.
I am also a big fan of Data visualization and analysis, Machine-Learning (event if the term ML is very vast and may include data-analysis).

“I think that understanding the domain we develop a software for is what can make it a XXXX-good-xxx product to the final user.
I love developping tools that makes complicated concepts/techs more accessible and repetitive tasks less tedious.”

I have always been interested not only in the software-development aspects itself (architecture, languages, design, …), but also in the domains the software is used for.
QQQQ I spend a lot of time, reading QQQQQQ

I, spend a significant amount of time trying to keep myself informed and up-to-date relative to many areas related software engineering and scientific application-development.

I worked for various software companies developping applications in different areas such as Numerical Simulation, Biomedical Engineering, Automotive Industry, CAD, …
I also worked (and still working) on personal projects that I started for educational/curiosity/(XXX-NECESSITY-XXXX) purposes.

    ????     ---> Comment integre ce qui suit dans les phrases précédentes ?     during my PHD (where coding and software had a big place)     ????

Among the projects I developed and/or I actively worked on:

  • Interactive multi-dimensional data-mining and visualization tools
    • PCA
    • Clustering
    • Correlation matrices and heatmaps,
    • Parallel coordinates
    • (…)
  • 2D/3D data applications
    • Rich visualization (real-time data, time-series, scatter points, 3D surfaces, histograms, …)
    • Statistics
    • Mathematics functions
    • Interpolation and Fitting
    • Signal-processing (spectral analysis, filtering, etc.)
    • Manipulation (Drag’n’Drop, Move, Data-Search and Extract, …)
    • I/O functions
    • (…)
  • 3D-Models application
    • Surface and Volumetric mesh rendering
    • Interactive mesh morphing under constraints (XXX example: Seat-Deformer XXX)
    • (…)
  • Pre-processing tools
    • Smart Editors
    • Interactive modules allowing the XXX of complex data
    • (…)
  • Post-processsing tools for Numerical-simulation
    • Visualization of Multi-Physics numerical simulation computations (??????)
    • XXXX
  • Reporting tools
    • HTML
    • PDF
  • Interactive software for orthodontics
    • diagnosis
    • interactive orthodotical and chirirgical treatment simulation
    • growth-prediction
  • Mulidimentional ??? (UNIVERSAL) ??? Data interpolation tool (Kriging, RBF) that works on
    • n-dimentional data
    • 3D models,
    • time-serise data
  • Biomechanical tool for:
    • Scaling and
    • Positioning of realistic 3D Human model (XXX —> chercher sur Internet HUMOS pour avoir une description que l’on peut ecrire XXX)
  • Interactive Pre- and Post-processing Application for vibroacoustic destinated for satellite launchers (EADS)

[MINE] **
– Signal processing,
– Charting tools
– …