About me

Hello there and thank you for visiting this blog. Below, a few words about me, my background and what motivated me in starting this blog.

I am a C++/Qt software engineer and have a PHD in Biomedical engineering. I am passionate about the design and development of interactive applications and scientific computing including Machine-Learning, Data-Visualization and Analysis, Neural Nets, and many others.

I do spend a lot of time trying to keep informed about news and latest updates in software development, data-science and the possible bridges between them.

I worked as a software engineer for more than 15 years in companies involved in various areas such as Numerical Simulation, Biomedical Engineering, Automotive Industry, CAD, …and had the joy to work on many challenging projects : for those interested, few of them are listed below

I also worked and still actively working on personal projects in various domains such as data analysis and visualization, signal processing, image processing, reporting, … Generally, I started these projects for special needs, educational purposes.or simply by curiosity. This lead me to develop and/or adapt libraries and APIs for features I found innovative and interesting so that they can be (easily and intuitively) usable.

Among the applications and projects I developed or I was tightly involved in:

  • Interactive tools for Multi-Dimensional Data Mining and Visualization: Dimensionality-Reduction, Classification and Clustering, Correlation Matrices Heat Maps, Parallel Coordinates, …
  • Interactive tools for Visualization of 2D and 3D Data: (Real-time) Time-Series, Scatter Points, Response-Surfaces, Histograms, Mathematical functions, …
  • Interactive Modules for Data Processing and Manipulation:  Statistics, Interpolation and Fitting, Signal-processing (spectral analysis, filtering, etc.), Manipulation (Drag’n’Drop, Move, Data-Search and Extract, …), I/O functions, …
  • 3D Models Displaying and Manipulation: Surfacic and Volumetric mesh rendering, Interactive mesh morphing under constraints
  • Rich Text/Code Editors for Domain-Specific Languages (DSL): Including Optimization, Numerical Simulation, CAD, Pharmacological modeling
  • Monitoring tools: Interactive tracking and visualization of long and/or heavy processes such as Numerical Simulation, Numerical Optimization, …
  • Automatic and Semi-Automatic Report Generation : HTML, PDF
  • Muli-Dimensional Interpolation Application (Kriging): works on Mullti-Dimensional data, 3D Models, time-series, …
  • Other Domain-Specifc Applications 
    • Biomechanics: Interactive scaling and positioning of 3D physical human models
      • Applications in the automotive industry (crash simulation), biomedical, …
    • Orthodontics: Diagnosis, interactive orthodotical and chirirgical treatment simulation, growth-prediction
    • Vibroacoustics: Interactive Pre- and Post-processing Application used in satellite launchers industry
    • Pharmacology: PK/PD modeling (pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling) interactive tool