Month: January 2021

How AI Is Making Software Development Easier For Companies And Coders

Published at: Author: Simon Chandler Publication date: January, 26 2021 Artificial intelligence is the result of coding, and now coding is the result of artificial intelligence. Yes, AI has… Read more »

MSVC Backend Updates in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.9 Preview 3

Published at: Author: Helena Gregg Publication date: January 21st, 2021 In Visual Studio 2019 version 16.9 Preview 3 we have continued to improve the C++ backend with new features, new and improved optimizations,… Read more »

Facebook AI In Collaboration With NYU Introduce New Machine Learning (ML) Models To Predict COVID Patient’s Health Condition

Published at: Author: Saksham Goyal Publication date: January 19, 2021 Even after a year-long fight with the COVID pandemic, it’s still a challenge to predict a patient’s condition throughout… Read more »

Julia Update: Adoption Keeps Climbing; Is It a Python Challenger?

Published at: Author: John Russell Publication date: January 13, 2021 The rapid adoption of Julia, the open source, high level programing language with roots at MIT, shows no sign… Read more »