PyScript: A New Framework From Anaconda That Allows Users To Create Rich Python Applications In The Browser Using HTML’s Interface

Do you work as a data scientist or a Python developer? Are you envious of coders who write Javascript code via browser interface? Anaconda releases an unexpected project – PyScript— at PyCon US 2022. It’s a JavaScript framework that lets you construct Python apps on the web using a combination of Python and HTML. The project’s ultimate purpose is to make Python and its different libraries (statistical, ML/DL, etc.) accessible to a much broader audience (for example, front-end developers).

What exactly is PyScript?

PyScript, developed by the Anaconda is “a system for interleaving Python in HTML (like PHP),” as the CEO of Anaconda said in his lecture. This means users can create and run Python code in HTML, use PyScript to invoke Javascript libraries, and use Python for all of their web development. That sounds fantastic!

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