Announcing RStudio for Microsoft Azure ML

Machine Learning Development in the Cloud

Cloud platforms enable the machine learning lifecycle with variable scaling, lower start-up costs, and centralized data lakes. Data scientists who use these resources in conjunction with their favorite tools can more efficiently build high-quality models at scale.

RStudio supports cloud strategies in various ways(opens in a new tab). Our partnerships allow data scientists to operationalize machine learning on their preferred cloud platform using our professional products, built to be the best tools for open source data science.

Announcing RStudio for Azure ML

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Azure ML(opens in a new tab) to deliver RStudio Workbench(opens in a new tab) on the Azure platform. Data scientists can use the RStudio Workbench they know and love in conjunction with their Azure data sources and other Azure ML capabilities.

RStudio is very pleased to work with the Azure Machine Learning team on this release, as we collaborate to make it easier for organizations to move their open-source data science workloads to the cloud. We are committed to helping our joint customers use our commercial offerings to bring their production workloads to their preferred cloud platforms.

— Tareef Kawaf, President, RStudio PBC

Access RStudio Workbench Within Your Azure ML Cloud Environment

RStudio Workbench is the ideal platform for code-first data science development. With this offering, data scientists can start a single-user instance of RStudio Workbench from within their Azure ML environment as part of the machine learning lifecycle.

With RStudio Workbench, data scientists can:

  • Program in R or Python in your preferred IDE (RStudio, VSCode, JupyterLab, Jupyter Notebook)
  • Build models with your favorite open-source tools such as the tidyverse and Shiny
  • Access pre-installed packages to support your data science work
  • Improve data connectivity via the RStudio Pro Drivers
  • Run scripts in the background as local launcher jobs
  • Select multiple versions of R and Python
  • Open multiple R and Python sessions
  • Receive end-user support
Laptop with a Workbench IDE open in Azure

Get Started With RStudio for Azure ML

We look forward to further supporting open-source data science in the cloud. Check out the RStudio for Azure ML product page(opens in a new tab) for more information and to purchase a license.

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