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chatGPT: The Complete Guide

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Here a non-exhastive list of ChatGPT capabilities and use-cases. Link: Publication date: Harish.Garg Author: Dcembber 1st, 2022 OpenAI has just released a new AI chat tool called ChatGPT, and… Read more »

The future of Software Development & AI.

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Heard about ChatGPT ? Want to know its implications in software development industry, in particular code generation ? Here’s an interesting article. Link: the-future-of-software-development-ai Publication date: December 8th, 2022 Author:… Read more »

PyTorch 2.0 release accelerates open-source machine learning

Link: pytorch-2-0-release-accelerates-open-source-machine-learning Publication Date: September 3 rd, 2022 Among the most widely used machine learning (ML) technologies today is the open-source PyTorch framework. PyTorch got its start at Facebook (now known as Meta)… Read more »

PyScript: A New Framework From Anaconda That Allows Users To Create Rich Python Applications In The Browser Using HTML’s Interface

Do you work as a data scientist or a Python developer? Are you envious of coders who write Javascript code via browser interface? Anaconda releases an unexpected project – PyScript— at… Read more »