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Choosing the Right Python Framework: Django vs. Flask vs. FastAPI vs. AIOHTTP

Python is a versatile and straightforward language, making it an excellent choice for web development. Choosing the right framework is critical to ensure efficiency and maintainability when building web applications…. Read more »

PyTorch 2.0 release accelerates open-source machine learning

Link: pytorch-2-0-release-accelerates-open-source-machine-learning Publication Date: September 3 rd, 2022 Among the most widely used machine learning (ML) technologies today is the open-source PyTorch framework. PyTorch got its start at Facebook (now known as Meta)… Read more »

Qt Installer Framework and Online Installer 4.5.0 released

Link: qt-installer-framework-and-online-installer-4.5.0-released Publication date: November 09, 2022 Author: Tino Pyssysalo We are happy to announce about the Qt Installer Framework and Online Installer 4.5 releases today. The major improvement is… Read more »