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How to autogenerate forms in React and Material-UI with MSON

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Implementing great forms can be a real time-waster. With just a few lines of JSON, you can use MSON to generate forms that perform real-time validation and have a consistent layout. And, MSON comes with a bunch of cool stuff like date pickers, masked fields and field collections. Disclaimer: this post is geared towards those wishing to use Material-UI […]

Wexflow: Open source workflow engine in C#

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[TESTING-ONLY] Table of contents Features They are talking about Wexflow How to install Wexflow? How to uninstall Wexflow? How to use Wexflow? General Wexflow Manager Wexflow Web Manager Wexflow Web Designer Wexflow Android Manager Workflow samples Sequential workflows Execution graph Flowchart workflows Workflow events How to create a custom task? How to debug Wexflow? Using […]