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The LLM Triangle Principles to Architect Reliable AI Apps

Software design principles for thoughtfully designing reliable, high-performing LLM applications. A framework to bridge the gap between potential and production-grade performance. Large Language Models (LLMs) hold immense potential, but developing… Read more »

Google Just Built a Foundation Model for Zero-Shot Time Series Forecasting

Time series forecasting is one of the classic scenarios in machine learning(ML) since its early days. The ability of outputting predictions on time series data is relevant on many domains… Read more »

Weekly AI and NLP News — September 25th 2023

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DALL·E 3, AlphaMissense, and LoRA for finetuning LLMs for longer context windows Here are your weekly articles, guides, and news about NLP and AI chosen for you by NLPlanet! 😎 News… Read more »