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Mastering Generative AI: A Roadmap from Zero to Expertise in Gen AI field

Are you interested in learning Generative AI but worried about the math involved? Don’t fret! In this guide, we’ll break down the syllabus and the best ways to learn Generative… Read more »

An Open-Source Version of ChatGPT is Coming

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Link: an-open-source-version-of-chatgpt-is-coming/ Publication date: December, 31st 2022 Author: Falkris Philip Wang, the mastermind behind the reverse-engineering of several closed-source AI systems like DALL-E 2, AlphaFold, and Imagen, has just released… Read more »

20 Entertaining Uses of ChatGPT You Never Knew Were Possible

Link: 20-entertaining-uses-of-chatgpt-you-never-knew-were-possible Author: Mark Schaefer Publication date: December, 12nd 2022 Our RISE community has been on fire, exploring the breathtaking possibilities of ChatGPT. The uses of ChatGPT are simply endless… Read more »

chatGPT: The Complete Guide

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Here a non-exhastive list of ChatGPT capabilities and use-cases. Link: https://harishgarg.com/writing/chatgpt-the-complete-guide/ Publication date: Harish.Garg Author: Dcembber 1st, 2022 OpenAI has just released a new AI chat tool called ChatGPT, and… Read more »

The future of Software Development & AI.

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Heard about ChatGPT ? Want to know its implications in software development industry, in particular code generation ? Here’s an interesting article. Link: the-future-of-software-development-ai Publication date: December 8th, 2022 Author:… Read more »